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Interim and Temporary solutions

In times of need, contractors can be a critical resource in helping companies achieve their goals. Thanks to our vast network of talent across the APAC region, we can help our clients source the right contractors to overcome just about any of their recruiting challenges.

When faced with a hiring freeze on permanent staff or in the case where additional headcount is needed on an ad hoc basis, our clients approach us for contract staff to help them overcome demanding situations. With many organizations experiencing a growing number of restraints and challenges around hiring permanent staff, we feel it is essential to offer our clients Interim and Temporary Solutions in addition to Retained and Permanent Services.

From needing someone with in-depth skills and knowledge to start at short notice, having the opportunity to bring in urgently needed specialist skills despite budget restraints or hiring freezes, or being able to meet business objectives without having to commit to hiring permanently in unpredictable market conditions, contractors can be a great solution to many problems. Often offering new perspectives and fresh ways of looking at things, they can add substantial value to any businesses.

Through our long-term relationships, we have built a strong list of exceptional professionals across the APAC region who for various reasons are at a different point in their careers and available for contract work. Whether you are looking for a contractor to support your business with a new market entry, growth strategy or an M&A project or to help streamline operations - whatever your business challenge - we have the network and experience to help you find the right person for the task at hand.

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As a specialist search and selection firm, we are focused purely on the strategy, consulting and corporate development space. With over 15 years experience in this niche segment and with numerous assignments successfully completed, we have developed and nurtured one of the largest talent pools of top strategy and consulting professionals in the APAC region - being able to accommodate both permanent and interim recruitment needs. 

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