Building a new strategy function for a global media and digital company experiencing huge growth across the APAC region

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A global media and digital company had appointed a new CEO in APAC who had been given the mandate to grow the business and increase revenue across the region. He quickly realised that they needed to strengthen the company's Strategy and Corporate Development function to achieve this mandate.


With the need for a new Head of Strategy, three Senior Managers and Consultants across three different countries, the task at hand was complex. We were appointed on an exclusive basis to help the organisation fill these roles. After meeting with the leadership team and gaining a good understanding of all the requirements, we drew on our extensive networks to secure a range of suitable profiles for the client to review. 


The client was impressed with the talent we were able to attract to their organisation and the list of candidates we presented. The Head of Strategy was sourced from a leading Telecommunications company, where he held a Senior strategy role. We also successfully placed the other roles with ex-consultants who had moved into industry or were still in consulting and looking to move in-house. For the candidates, it was a fantastic opportunity to help a company achieve remarkable growth in the APAC region.

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Marielle Reussink